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Acting Out Against Cancer wants everyone to know that we've got your back!  Bravery Bags are full of comfort and encouragement for both patients and caretakers in their battle against cancer.    Whether newly diagnosed or a long standing fighter, these bags are designed to bring extra support and a reminder that you are not alone.  

Inside of these bags you will find items that possibly make your hospitalization and treatment a little more manageable: 

- Handwritten cards of encouragement from survivors and those still in the fight

- Non-Slip Socks

- Moisturizers for skin and lips

- Boredom busters

- Protein packed snacks and sweets

- Items to combat side effects of chemo therapy and/or radiation therapy


Want to fill a Bravery Bag?  

To make it easier for you, we've created our AOAC Wish List here:

Want to Volunteer?

Volunteers are always welcome to fill Bravery Bags, to deliver

to partnering hospitals and cancer centers and providing

encouragement to those in need. 

Want to Contribute?

Monetary donations are graciously accepted and directly

benefit our mission.  


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